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Visualization of Quantum Furier Transform operation

Accelerating Practical Quantum

Quantum for All

The National Quantum Laboratory at Maryland (QLab) is a user facility supporting the global community developing near-term, real-world quantum computing and networking applications and talent

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System Access

Privileged access to top-of-the-line quantum computing systems and networking testbeds

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Expert Guidance

Join a community of practical quantum applications developers to learn and exchange best-practices for using NISQ computing resources

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No other university in the United States is able to provide students and researchers this level of hands-on contact with commercial-grade quantum computing technology and insights from experts working in this emerging field

Darryll J. Pines President, University of Maryland

In concert with other quantum initiatives at UMD, QLab provides a supporting infrastructure for an innovation ecosystem for quantum technologies and offers a supporting environment for thought leadership to come together for the exchange/sharing of ideas in the evolving space of quantum technologies.

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